Well, I just had a post reach the 1000 reads plateau. Pretty cool.

I am not really sure how it has happened but I have about a dozen posts that are deep into the several hundred reads. While the majority of my posts seem to top out around 150 reads, and some are as low as 40. In fact, some of my favorites are stuck under 50.

My opening day Detroit Tigers post is the only one that makes sense because it got linked to by a sports blog site and so that one got up over 700 views in a hurry.

And our first and second podcast episode are both in the 800 views range. I assume that is due to the podcast networks we belong to as well as the tag at the end of each episode and in the MP3 file if you download it.

But then there are just a few old articles that passed 500 views a long time ago and I really cannot explain it. I am happy about it. I wish it was true of all of my posts. But it is just true of these few.

My general goal is to reach 125 reads. Almost all of my very personal stories get to that level. All of the ones I feel are important get to that level. And it makes me wonder how much word of mouth is out there about this. I see very few comments or emails. No one ever brings them up to me in person. But whenever I write something that I know is good, like my recent article “Mama Said”, there is a huge amount of traffic and reads. Strange how that works out, I guess.

Well, thank you so much for reading! I know that I have a lot of dedicated readers, at least 50, that check out the site at least weekly. I encourage you to share the articles that you enjoy with people you think might enjoy them as well.

Thank you for the support and hopefully I start figuring out how to make this thing good soon enough.