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Pretending to Amuse

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Pretending to Amuse

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Pretending to Amuse

Hello all! You may notice a few things going on around the site as we prepare for the launch of our podcast Pretending to Amuse. Most of this stuff will go back to normal as soon as we figure out a few bugs.

Thanks for the patience.

The podcast launches tomorrow!

Bipolar Thoughts

I don’t get a lot of side effects from my medication.

Weight gain is quick, much faster than when I am not on medication, but it is controllable if I ate a better diet.

There are some libido issues that I feel adversely affect my marriage at times, but my wife understands.

Sometimes I find it hard to use the bathroom. But it doesn’t last more than a couple days.

My already dry psoriatic skin can flare up, and is particularly bad right now.

A couple years ago when I started the meds I am on now I would get shakes and tremors and had sloppy hand-eye coordination. Ask my brother in law who had to deal with me throwing Frisbees sideways for about two months.

But my doctor has worked really hard and has a great understanding of the medications and has eliminated or at least made everything manageable.

There is really only one side effect that really bothers me, even though it doesn’t make much of a difference in my daily life, and that is decreased memory. Lithium is known to decrease memory, and add mental fuzziness. It has this effect on me.

I used to have a great memory and now it is below average. It isn’t terrible but it is more than noticeable. I often tell my boss that I can’t remember the answers to his questions. I have to write everything down now or keep an email record of it.

I dunno what I would do if I was still in school. The ability to pull a reference is crucial in design school, especially when you are studying history and theory like I was.

Sometimes I am perfectly clear and have no issues at all. Some days I can’t recall anything to save my soul. I’m not sure how that works but it makes me feel like an old man at times.

I posted awhile ago about wanting to remember everything about my daughter. This is the reason I am so worried about it. I have no idea what long term effects this will have on my memory, but I know what it is doing now and it doesn’t feel good.

I just want to be able to remember most everything like I used to but I doubt I will ever get back to that point. For now, I guess, I just have to make the best of it. Even if I won’t remember how it went by.


In the most recent episode of SModcast, Kevin Smith said something rather profound, and I’m sure he meant it that way.

First, let’s get into SModcast. If you listen to podcasts and like to listen to comedy podcasts, this is probably the best one out there; especially if you are a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies, even just a couple of them. My friend turned me onto SModcast awhile ago and in the time since I’ve listened to a couple hundred episodes, they are almost all hilarious and even the serious ones are still very entertaining. Go check it out, it is awesome.

Okay, so now back to the profound statement. He said something to the effect of: ‘no matter who you are, or where you are at in your life, someone is looking up at your life and thinking you have it all’.

It is an easy statement to say that we look up to rich people or people that we think have it figured out and want what they have. Of course we do that. But he made the point of saying that even people that society deems as lowly have people looking up at them. It is hard to be at the bottom of everything, right?

It made me wonder if people have ever looked at me that way. I wonder if anyone has envied me for the life that I live. I can see many things in my life that others wish they had. I have a nice home in a nice city, drive a nice car and have a nice job, I have a beautiful, caring, supportive wife and family, I have the cutest baby girl on the planet, I play an instrument, I am smart and have a college degree, and someone out there might envy this website or my podcast.

We all know the obviously negative things about my life so I won’t get into that. But those things make it hard to believe anyone, if they knew the whole story, would envy me. Maybe this blog has changed some opinions of me in ways I didn’t intend. If it has made me less enviable, then good; I don’t want to be anyway.

Maybe that is the point. If we knew the whole story for anyone’s life, we wouldn’t take it over our own lot. But since we don’t know the whole story, everything seems rosy.

I think his statement simultaneously makes me feel good about my life and the reasons I have for someone to envy me, and bad that someone would look at me and actually want to be me. We should all want to be who we are, and we should all strive to be who we are on a daily basis.

Detroit Tigers

It is time for another Tiger’s blog. I’m going to try to post one of these blogs every Saturday throughout the season and since there was some big news yesterday about the Tigers, I figured why not now?

Ausmus announced yesterday that David Price will start for Opening Day, ending Verlander’s streak at 7 consecutive.

Price is clearly the better pitcher at this point in their careers so it makes sense. Although, Max Scherzer didn’t start Opening Day last year and all he did was win the Cy Young the year before. So we have seen Ausmus not make sense. In fact, I felt that Ausmus made a lot of decisions last year based on how Leyland would have handled it and I thought that was a mistake. So maybe this is a good departure.

Opening Day starter isn’t really that big of a deal anyway, in terms of things that matter during the season, match-ups, wins and losses, stuff like that. It is more of a ceremonial thing. And I think that ceremonially this is still Verlander’s pitching staff. He is your highest paid guy, he has been the face of the franchise for years and years, he is the leader. So it is a little strange not to give it to him, especially when you make media comments like you expect him to be “lightyears” better than last year and things like that.

But Price is the better pitcher, deserves it based on merit in that regard, and they are probably leveraging him a little bit to stay in Detroit come next fall. Showing him that they would allow him to be the ace of the staff, something that I’m sure is important to him. I don’t doubt this decision came from way up the chain. Whatever the reason, Price should be viewed as the ace of this staff and aces start Opening Days.

On to other things: I will be attending Opening Day with my father for the 16th consecutive year. This is something my Dad makes sure I have the opportunity to do every year and for that I am extremely grateful. We always have a great time ushering in Spring and a new season together. It is something I look forward to for months every year.

I am hoping to put together a write-up of who I think they Tigers should bring north once camp breaks and what my final roster, rotation, and lineup would look like for Opening Day within the next two weeks.



I figured I might as well talk about my favorite comedians.

It start and ends with George Carlin. The man had the balls to say whatever he needed to say without fearing the consequences of his actions. His special at Carnegie Hall is one of my personal favorites. He walks out, while the crowd is still cheering him on, he calms them all down and opens with “You ever notice that the people protesting at abortion clinics are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place”. It killed, and it still kills me just to think he had the balls to open Carnegie Hall in the midst of applause with a joke that harsh and crude and out there.

The man was a wordsmith like no other, like we all know, and he never used any material from his own life in the act. All of it was stuff he observed from his many years in New York and the news. He was one of a kind, and to me, he cannot be beat.

In today’s world I think Louis CK is tops, he is much like Carlin but he pulls heavy from his personal life.

In the past, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor in his late years, Patrice O’Neal, and the great Don RIckles.

I want to bring up Jerry Seinfeld. I love him. If you value a comedian’s contribution to television, then Seinfeld flies right up to close to the top of this list. Seinfeld is my favorite television show by far. Nothing is even a close second. I think it was the funniest show to ever be made and Seinfeld maintained a great standup career before during and after creating the funniest show ever made.

All I’m saying, Seinfeld doesn’t get enough credit, even though Carlin was a god.