Detroit Tigers

Well I went to Opening Day, my 16th straight, courtesy of my father, and it was a lot of fun.

We left around the same time as usual, between 8:15 and 8:30, only when we arrived at the ballpark there was no parking to be found. This was mainly due to the M-1 light rail project closing off a few of the bigger lots north of the stadium on Woodward. But it was also due to the increasing party atmosphere that is starting to consume the event. There were a lot of tailgaters there and a lot of the parking lots closed for cars so they could be open for a party.

Bipolar Thoughts

I always take on things in life in an academic way. I always want to read a book about something, or watch a how-to video about something, or interview someone about something, before I ever take it on myself. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. And not only that, but I am a read all the directions all the way through before you start anything guy too. Although I have found that little tip really worthwhile in my life.

I guess I just feel like if I know where something is going, by knowing the ending, then I can better navigate the journey.


From a very early age I wanted to live in Seattle.

I think I probably first became aware of the city from the show Frasier. And even thought that show didn’t embrace the city the way that Seinfeld did, I was still drawn to the location.

People told me about the short winters and summers and long springs and falls and I loved that. They told me about all the rain and clouds and I loved that. They told me about coffee and beer and fresh fish and grunge rock and I loved it all.

I thought about it my whole childhood. I thought it would be great to live in a big city that wasn’t New York or Chicago big. I thought it would be great to be thousands of miles from my family. I thought it would be great to finally have to purchase an expensive umbrella.