I’ve been with my wife for almost eight years, not as my wife, that has only been two and a half years, you get it. And her older sister (who is my age) has been with her husband for a similar amount of time. And ever since the four of us have been together, we have been very good friends.

Out of all of Sam’s sisters, I have spent the most time with the oldest. I am the closest with her because of this and our age, and probably other reasons I haven’t thought of. Her husband has grown into one of my very best friends. For a long time the four of us would hang out every weekend, hosting dinner parties, playing games, watching movies, and having good times.

Her husband has a large but extremely close group of friends. And basically from the very beginning I have been invited to hang out with this group of people. I have attended house parties, holiday get togethers, barbeques, days at the park, and even a few weddings.