We are in a period where Jocelyn is almost as equally attached to me as she is to her mother.

This happened last summer as well, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I will say that I absolutely love it. I love hearing her call for “Dada” from her crib in the morning. I love her running up to me to have me pick her up. I love seeing her wave to me while I drive away. I love seeing her get excited when I walk into the room.

Bipolar Thoughts

I’m a guy that doesn’t really like to be taken care of.

It is kinda odd because I love attention. I love to be the center of attention at a party. I love to be asked questions. I love for people to come to me for advice. I love to hear that my name was mentioned when I wasn’t around. I love for people to ask about me.

I generally have a hard time believing it when it happens, but I love it all none the less.