Detroit Tigers

Justin Verlander pitches for the first time this season tonight against the Indians.

It should be a time to celebrate. It is not every day that your $28 million a year ace comes off the disabled list. However, everyone at this point, I think, is aware of Verlander’s struggles for the last few years.

Last year Justin had a stat line something like this: 206.0 Innings Pitched, 159 Strikeouts, 104 Earned Runs (the most in the American League), 4.54 ERA, 6.9 Strikeout per 9 Innings Pitched, 1.398 Walks Plus Hits per Inning Pitched, and a 1.1 WAR.

None of those are very good numbers with the exclusion of how many innings he tossed. Some of his advanced metrics show that he might have pitched better than his numbers, including a 3.74 Fielding Independent Pitching ERA.

Bipolar Thoughts

“Line, Speed, Beauty” is a philosophy I learned while reading an interview with a well-respected guitarist.

The concept is simple. Perfect your line. Make sure your run is clean, your chords are voiced clearly, and every note is there.

Build your speed. Once you have perfected your line work on playing it perfect as fast as possible, or at least up to the tempo of the song. The important thing most people forget about practicing is that it should be at half speed or slower. Once you can play it slow, work on playing it fast. It isn’t easy.

Make it beautiful. Once you can play it note for note and it is perfect, then add your artistic inflection to it. Add trills and licks and slides and permutation, change your strumming or pick pattern or dynamics and inflection. Make it your own. Give it your own style. Make it speak for you.


Sometimes it is hard for me to contain my jealousy when my peers are doing better than I am.

It is never really directed at them; most of the time I am sincerely happy for them. But there is always a slight twinge of ‘why not me’ that goes through my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I live in a nice house. But it is old and small.

I drive a nice car, but it is a company car and my wife’s car needs to be replaced.

I own just about everything I could want, but nothing very valuable.