For whatever reason you aren’t cool unless you are into something. And you aren’t into something unless you go deep into the catalog of that thing.

For instance, cool people into hip-hop don’t just listen to Jay-Z and Kanye, and cool people into comedy don’t just watch Louis C.K. and Jim Gaffigan, and cool people into philosophy don’t just read Plato and Nietzsche. Catch my drift?

I’ve never been that person.

Bipolar Thoughts

In my years of trying to figure out how this disease works itself into my life, I have noticed an interesting little quirk.

First, let me just say that there is a ton of research out there, and basically every doctor, social worker, therapist, and person with bipolar has agreed, sleep is a huge factor in mood stability.

A lot of people when they are depressed will just sleep all day long. I am no different. In fact, that is the best way to tell if I am depressed or entering a down swing, I will lay down a lot, talk about how exhausted I am, or just be unable to do things due to sleep. On top of that, when I stay home from work, or have a depressed Saturday or whatever, I will spend the entire day in bed. My wife will ask me what I do all day and I tell her I sleep. The amount of sleep you can give your body when you are depressed is staggering.