Detroit Tigers

So anyone watching the game last night, or tuning into the game today knows that Miguel Cabrera, possibly the greatest Tiger of all time, is out for the next six weeks. He doesn’t need surgery, which is good I guess. But he might as well get it. Without him, this season is over.

If the Tigers were in first place by a few games, I might be optimistic about their chances of getting through this. If the Tigers were able to score runs consistently, I would be much more optimistic. But neither is the case. This team has the talent to overcome losing Cabrera, but they have yet to put it together this season. No one can really point to why, but a lot of people are pointing to who: Ausmus.

I won’t get into that today, but I just want to talk about Cabrera and what he means to this team.

Bipolar Thoughts

Two summers ago, when I was still very new to the medication that I am still on to this day, I had a minor accident that led to an interesting story. One involving the only time in my life I have ever noticed that I was being discriminated against.

One night, I was feeling very anxious, so I took a few Klonopin. I took the amount prescribed to me by my doctor. I was not yet familiar with the drug, and certainly not at a point where I was abusing it. I was, however, so new to the drug that it really messed me up when I took it.

So I took a few Klonopin and a few minutes later I had to pee. But, by the time I had gotten to the bathroom the drugs had really hit me and I decided it was best if I sat down while I went. I sat down, did my thing, and woke up several minutes later on the floor, severe pain in my neck and a lump on my forehead with my wife over me with a very concerned look on her face.


I have somehow accidentally lost some weight recently. That or my pants have grown. It isn’t much, maybe an inch at the most, but I noticed it earlier this week as I put on my work pants for the first time in almost a week.

Weight is something that people who take the medication I take have to be careful about and monitor closely. I almost never do. The only time I’m monitoring my weight is when I’m trying to lose some of it, which hasn’t happened recently.