Bipolar Thoughts

I may have mentioned before in this space that I started counseling at a very young age.

I don’t recall how young I was, but I would guess somewhere around 8, when I first starting going to see a psychologist, Dr. Ruth was her name. I remember being very nervous and intimidated by the experience. But ultimately I ended up really enjoying my sessions. I don’t remember much about how long I went or if there was any improvement. I have no idea if the doctor had any inclination that I was mentally ill, that is pretty early. But I was showing some signs, clearly; otherwise I wouldn’t have been there.


My Grandmother has dementia and it is starting to become a rather sizable problem for my family.

My dad, sister, and step-mother deal with her more than anyone else. I am not sure how often my aunt and uncle or any of my cousins talk to her, but I know for sure my side of the family sees my grandma most often, if just simply due to proximity.

Apparently the disease is getting worse. Her memory is slipping more often, she is harder to deal with, and she is entering what appears to be a depressed state of mind. I say apparently because this is what I am told, not what I’ve observed. I don’t see or talk to my grandmother very often, but when I do, she always seems to be in pretty good spirits, if not quiet. I don’t mean to sound like I doubt these things are happening to her, I’m sure they are. I just mean to say that I have not seen it first-hand, which is to say that I have not been emotionally affected by it.