Mensa has always been a thing in my life that I looked up to, coveted even, but was scared to go out for.

It was something I always wondered if I could attain, but I knew I probably don’t belong in. And I was terrified to apply only to be denied.

Well, last winter, a friend of mine posted a Mensa practice exam link on her Facebook, stating that her husband tested very high. I was interested, so I followed the link to the Mensa website and took the practice test.

It turns out, at least according to this practice exam, that my suspicions were right. I basically tested on the lower end of being accepted into Mensa. The results came with a write up that encouraged me to arrange for an application test and that without much preparation I should do well enough to get into the club.

Bipolar Thoughts

I have mentioned a number of times that a major motivation for doing this blog was to help get information about what living with bipolar is really like into the world.

Part of the reason information needs to get out there is because of the stereotyping and stigma associated with mental illness.

The reality is that I have never really experienced this. That is probably why I was open to the idea of talking about it publicly. The thing about mental illness is that it is usually easy to hide. You don’t look different, you don’t necessarily act different, people don’t generally know unless you tell them. So it is easy, in a lot of ways. Also, the stigma doesn’t generally carry with it a lot of hatred, more avoidance. To my knowledge, no one has blown up a psych ward, no one pickets in front of a group therapy clinic, certainly no one acts violently towards us. I don’t compare it to other struggles of other people, they are different.