I am not really a person with much of a competitive drive.

I played some sports as a kid, not really much of anything. I never lettered in anything. I never even played on a team that finished the season with a winning record, in my entire life. I was driven in sports simply to do my best. I didn’t really care about winning the game or match.

I imagine I would’ve done better in school if I was competitive, but I never cared much. My dad one time told me that he thought I should’ve finished high school as a summa cum laude, and he was probably right. I generally had all A’s on tests, but I rarely did my homework, so I would get a B or A- in the class.

Bipolar Thoughts

I was reading another blog from a young girl with Bipolar and an alcohol addiction recently, ( and she said something rather profound that I would like to share and expand upon.

She said “I struggle and there isn’t always a rainbow at the end and I want to share that with my audience”

There are two things here that I want to talk about. The first, which is the point of her post, is that while there is a lot of great information out there on Bipolar, it is still a widely misinterpreted disease. Many people have asked me, and I’m sure many more have not, why I wanted to do this blog, why I wanted to say the things I’ve said, and why I would want to open up so publicly. I simply wanted there to be more information out there. I wanted to provide a commentary track on the life of someone with Bipolar.