I used to travel a lot for a job I used to have, like all over the country.

I was mostly doing work evaluating code and ADA compliance for CVS stores. It was boring work, and long days, but I got to travel to a ton of great cities and eat great food and drink great beer all on the company dime.

I worked mostly in Texas and Florida, but I hit almost every southern state and a lot of the plains states and even Wisconsin once. And one thing was true when I talked to people in every single one of those states. They said some version of “don’t like the weather, wait around 15 minutes”, something we often say in Michigan. The first time I heard someone mention it to me was in Pensacola, Florida. I thought to myself that well, Florida can be like that sometimes. It was just funny that the phrasing was so similar to a phrase so often said in Michigan that it feels like part of your DNA.

Bipolar Thoughts

I really enjoy movies.

Comedies are my favorite, but I will watch pretty much anything. I certainly don’t mind a “chick flick”, and I’m not above a fart joke, in fact, I find them hilarious. I try not to watch anything previously nominated for “worst movie of the year”, but that is pretty much my only line. However, since having a child, my time has become more valuable, and I try to do some research before I watch a movie.

I used to love movies because I could escape into them. I would love the theater, the all-encompassing experience of sitting in the dark with a massive screen. I would just not be Steve for a couple hours, I could transform into this casual observer of another existence.