I have always been a relationship guy.

I got my first girlfriend on New Year’s Day of 2000. We dated for three months. It was incredible and when she broke up with me it really took me by surprise. We never had a fight or anything like that. The big issue was that I was much more deeply involved in the relationship than she was.

But she was my first for a lot of things: first girlfriend, first kiss that wasn’t during a game of spin the bottle, first time cuddling on a couch watching Dawson’s Creek, among other things. I remember being very jealous that not only had she had a few boyfriends before me, but she kept mementos around her room of their relationship. And she kept some weird things around, like a little container full of sugar that someone had dared a boy she liked to lick off her stomach during a “legendary” game of truth or dare. That was really our only disagreement.

Detroit Tigers

Well this week saw something I have never experienced before as a Tiger’s fan: the Tigers were sellers at the deadline.

I certainly went through plenty of years when the Tigers should have been sellers, but they didn’t have any players good enough to trade. This was the late 90’s early 00’s version of the Tigers. Since 04, the Tigers have been acquiring players via trade, not selling them off.

So this season was significant. It was also significant because it was the first year in the Dombrowski era that the team basically called it a season. They traded their best pitcher. They traded their closer. They traded one of the major pieces of the offense and defense. Basically everything they could move.