Bipolar Thoughts

There is a strange phenomenon going on where mental illnesses are sort of thrown around carelessly. And what is strange is not really that people use them on other people. I mean, hell, people have called other people retarded or gay in derogatory ways for a long time. But what is uniquely odd is that people are beginning to jokingly, or otherwise, label themselves with these illnesses.

I don’t think I ever heard someone say “I’m such a faggot”, but I do hear people say “I’m too OCD for that” practically daily.

Does this mean it is not being used in a disparaging way? Does it not fall in the same class as the things I listed above? Does it mean that we are more open to mental illness so we take it more lightly?


One of my best friend’s wives is exactly the type of person I want to be when I grow up, even though she is much younger than me, and I know next to nothing about her. Everything I am about to write is simply the impression I have of her based off limited experience and a few conversations. Here I go:

She is everything I think I am, and pretend to be but know I’m not.

She is funny and fun loving, ambitious, creatively talented, seems to live in a world created for her. Her personality can take over the room effortlessly.

I’m sure she has down days, and I know she gets scared and worried about her future. But she seems to never lets those things stand in her way.

She is an optimist. She sees the world as something she can affect instead of something affecting her.