There are some things changing in this blog so I thought I would update you all.

First, I have been added to the Bipolar Blogger Network and you can find the link to their website below the existing link to Psych Central.

Second, I am about to make a major change to the format of this blog.

Since I have started this blog, I have always had the mindset of providing as much content as I could produce. On the day I launched I posted my first ten essays, and I have posted at least two articles, and up to five, on every day that I posted since, with the exclusion of one time.

I always thought that if someone was coming here to read, they should have enough to keep them occupied for awhile.

And it always helped that I was generating plenty of content. I never felt rushed into writing, or that I was putting out bad material.

This mentality is not common in the world of blogging. I have never found another amateur blog to post more than one article per update, or seven articles in a week, the number that I strive for. Most post one or two articles a week, sometimes three.

I still like the idea of doing it how I always have. I am not having any difficulty producing content, or trouble updating the site, or anything of that nature.

The problem is that, for whatever reason, people have stopped reading anything but the top article.

On a given update, I can pretty much guarantee the top post will get 150 reads, which the second or third post will sometimes have a hard time cracking 40. Some of my favorite postings have been mired with less than 40 reads.

I do not know what to do about this, or why it changed so suddenly. This has only been going on for about a month. But I need to do something.

So, starting today I am only going to post one article per update. I will more than likely add a day that I update, probably something like Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Thank you for reading!

Oh, and there is an article right below this one, you should probably go read it.

Bipolar Thoughts

I’ve been having hallucinations lately.

They are minor things. I would describe the feeling mostly like a much more certain form of déjà vu. The only psychosis I have ever experienced is visual. Generally I think something or someone is someplace that they are not. As an example, this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready before work and my daughter was in our living room. She called to get my attention and I look over, talk to her for a bit, and then I saw her walk into the bathroom with me and go right in front of me. But, a split second later I hear her talk in the living room again and I look down and nothing is there. Last week I was outside and I thought I saw my wife walk around the side of the house so I followed after her and called her but she was inside in the kitchen. She had never even been outside.