Bipolar Thoughts

I have never really had a negative experience regarding people and my bipolar disorder.

When I first attempted suicide, the two people I told never told anyone (or if they did, word never got back to me). I was out of school for more than a week but no one approached me about why I had been gone and I never caught any flak at all.

When I first had to tell an employer that I was missing several days of work because I was depressed, I was met with comfort and reassurance that my job was not in danger. I had similar experiences in two jobs following that as well. My employers have always displayed patience and compassion with me.

And the two times I have been hospitalized as an adult, I was working for two different companies and both of them told me to take all the time I needed and get healthy before coming back. One of those companies did end up asking me to not come back, but I was away from the office for nine months, with the exclusion of a couple weeks right in the middle of it all. So I think they were more than generous.