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I went to a rather large Labor Day party this past weekend that included a lot of family, and a lot of friends that I do not see very often.

Oddly enough, five different people decided to bring up this blog to me and tell me anything ranging from “I read it sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes” to “you should write a book”. And in this number of five I am counting both of my grandparents as one person.

Pretending to Amuse

We discuss why Jason’s son will probably become the next Batman, we make an Interstellar correction, we marvel at the expanse of the universe, and talk about meeting an alien species. We pin down Bill Murray’s best roles, and discuss the best comedic actors of our lifetime. Jason explains his hatred for women comedians, and why Jason Bateman is the best straight man in the business. Plus, is this the saddest show ending of all time?