Bipolar Thoughts

So the medication that I take right now is simple:

Lithium Carbonate 1500mg daily That is a mood stabilizer. It is meant to keep people away from going manic. It also has some qualities about it that can keep some people away from being depressed, but it generally is not considered a good or standalone anti-depressant.

That’s it. I take nothing else for my bipolar.

I do take a sleeping pill, Trazodone. It helps me get to and stay asleep.

And I am not supposed to anymore (it is no longer being prescribed to me) but I do still sometimes take some of my leftover stash of Klonopin for anxiety, 2mg.

I used to be on a lot more, and I have gone through many iterations of drug therapy, but I finally landed on this. And I was on much more before my ECT. But any avid reader of this blog already knows all of that. And that is only just set up for what I want to talk about, which is this: