Bipolar Thoughts

Okay, so I subject that I have yet to get to that is a big topic of discussion in the bipolar world is the idea of sexuality, either hyper or hypo. It is maybe the second most common question asked by a doctor during a cycle. It is maybe the most frustrating part of cycling, and it can be one of the most impactful on your relationships.

Fair warning, I’m going to talk about my sex life. If you don’t want to read about this, stop here. No good will come from you going forward. I will not field questions of comments about your opinions of my sex life, I do not care what you have to say. You have been warned.

First, the basic stuff: bipolars tend to get hypersexual during mania and hypo-sexual during depression. Both of those things tend to be some of the earliest and most clearly defined symptoms of a cycle. This is why I say it is not only a common question from doctors, but one of the very most common questions.