Bipolar Thoughts

I get the impression that a few people in my life, very few, have changed their disposition towards me since I have gone public with my disorder and created this blog.

I don’t know this, and most people have been supportive, I’m not trying to complain, it is just a suspicion and an observation.

And I believe that in at least one instance of this, it has lead this person to not ask my wife and I to watch their kids. And these people are extremely nice to me and friendly and invite me to do everything like they always have. They do not treat me any differently at all, I want to emphasize that. But they have never asked us to watch their kids and I have to wonder why. Their kids like us, it would be convenient, we are good parents.

Pretending to Amuse

We discuss the show turning 30! Jason makes an apt comparison to Krusty the Clown all while sharing why he is disgusted by children’s hands. Nickelodeon is bringing back our childhood favorites and we list off what else we want to see brought back. Andrew tells us that his woman wants him to ‘take care of business’ while he is drunk, while Jason’s wife just eggs him into stupid stuff. Jason raises a quick question about strip club ethics and Andrew recalls a Renfest story for all the stoners out there.