Pretending to Amuse

Our Halloween Special! We dive into a movie review of the Detroit-centric “It Follows”. We talk about the confusing time setting of the movie, what exactly happened at the beach and in the hospital, how incredible the ending is, and whether or not the tension ever pays off. We also wonder how a demon gets passed along in a four-way and whether or not this movie is actually scary. We compare Halloween to the other holidays and see where it falls. We share stories about exterior decorations. Jason grinds some gears about Harvest Festivals and wonders aloud if we would all be better off as Spock.

Bipolar Thoughts

I first met my wife literally just weeks after a severe bipolar episode which culminated in getting legendarily drunk at a camp out and bawling my eyes out for hours while terrifying a couple of my friends with desperate talk about suicide.

I’ve told the story of the last concert I went to just a week before meeting her (Dave Matthews Band, which would become, possibly, our shared favorite band), and how things had just started to rebound and go well for me for practically no reason.

We talked for about a month, almost nightly, before I asked her on a date, September 29th 2007. We went to a haunted house and hayride where she revealed to me that she loved the smell of horse manure loud enough where the entire tractor full of people heard her, and I jumped on the opportunity to make fun of her for the very first time. Glorious.