The culture industry is an interesting thing. Often, we allow what we consume of it to be large definers of our lives. We do this especially when we are young. At my high school there were skaters, pop punkers, metal guys, goths, emos, and the jocks/preps. There were more groups, but those groups were heavily based on entertainment and fashion industries. I guess you could call it art, but that wouldn’t make how we were identifying ourselves any less unnecessary.

Myself, I was somewhere between a skater (even though I could barely stand up on a skateboard, I just loved the X-Games, and had all the Tony Hawk video games) and metal guy. Band t-shirts showed off how amazing it was that I had not only heard of, but was into bands like Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Tool, and Dreamtheater. I wore a lot of Nike Dunks in various colors, often red, to show off I understood skater culture. I wore bullhead jeans exclusively, even when they doubled in price the summer before sophomore year. I wasn’t afraid to shop at American Eagle or Abercrombie either though, which made a lot of my metal friends upset.