Detroit Tigers

The World Series ended earlier in the week and we have a World Series winner in the Kansas City Royals that really defies a lot of ‘new age’ wisdom in the game. And it is no fluke run where they got hot at the right time. They dominated the American League Central Division all year, they crushed every opponent they had in the post-season, and, oh yeah, they took an extremely similar team to game seven of the World Series last year.

So what do we normally think is necessary for a deep playoff run? Not only great starting pitching, but great power starting pitching.

Don’t tell that to the Royals who had the highest regular season ERA of the ten teams who made the playoffs, and also the highest FIP, and the lowest K/BB ratio. Don’t tell that to the Royals who found an ace in the often bounced around, puts too many guys on base Edinson Volquez. Oh and don’t forget the triumphant return of once considered done Chris Young who only threw 123 innings this year, but made them count in the post-season.