Bipolar Thoughts

So there is a new study published out of the Salk Institute* that is continuing and deepening other research that came out this year that is proving that bipolar affects the brain at the cellular level.

*The Salk Institute in La Jolla, California is my favorite piece of institutional/ academic architecture. It was designed by one of my favorite architects, Louis Kahn. It is very much a Kahn building in that it makes great use of unfinished building material, here being travertine, concrete, and teak. He actually developed a type of concrete called “pozzuolanic”, which had not been used since the Romans built the Coliseum. The courtyard view of the ocean is unparalleled in modern architecture. You can and absolutely should view it here:

Pretending to Amuse

We dive deep into the latest Star Wars trailer with a special guest! Is this the most hyped movie of all time? We talk about a ton of fan theories including Luke Skywalker’s fate, possible themes, the rise of the three factions, the legacy of the Stormtroopers, where has the Millenium Falcon been, and what will the final showdown be in episode IX. We get into Finn and Rey and the new robot. We pine over the loss of Darth Maul, and wonder what will happen if Episode VII isn’t any good, especially in 3D.