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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and this is my final post of the year. Things are busy both at work and at home, for all of us I am sure, and I think it might do me some good to schedule in this little holiday break every year. I want to be able to spend my nights and weekends with my family enjoying the holidays, and all the movie watching, carol singing, show going, family dining, cookie baking, snow playing that it all entails, without obsessing over pageviews and SEO and most importantly, content.

I will continue to write during the break, of course, especially with the recent change in my mood, but it will be unscheduled. And unless something really profound happens, it will go un-posted until the new year.

I do plan on republishing old content that strikes me in some way. So please come and visit the site, dig through the archives and hopefully find something that you enjoy. And of course, the podcast will continue throughout.

But onto Thanksgiving!