Detroit Tigers

Well, we now have season projections from all major sources, and they are pretty interesting, far more interesting than in recent years.

The projection systems out there are ZiPS, PECOTA, and Steamer (although Steamer does not do team projections, only player stats) and USA Today also weighed in had some incredible things to say about what they thought this season would be like.

Here is the real news for Tigers fans: Detroit was listed as 3rd or 4th place in ALL projections, winning somewhere in the range of 80 games. Every single projection listed the same things as the reason: a poor season from an again Victor Martinez, and underwhelming performance by the Starting Rotation, namely a return by Verlander to his numbers of 2014, Zimmerman continuing his decline of the last few years, an oft-injured and ineffective Anibal, basically the 2015 model, a Mike Pelfrey, that is… well… Mike Pelfrey, and a rookie on the back end. They also do not value the depth of guys like Fulmer or Boyd.