Detroit Tigers

There isn’t really much going on in MLB right now. It is still a week from Spring Training. It is too deep into the offseason to project signings. Most teams have a complete roster, barring injury during camp. So this is just a little fun article about some major MLB news this season.

Let’s talk about milestones! It seems like a lot of players are within striking distance of major milestones this year. Some of them are Hall of Fame numbers, some are tainted by PED use, some are just fun.


I think part of becoming a mature adult is coming to the realization that everyone in your life, especially in your family, is just doing the best that they can.

Sometimes, or maybe a lot of the time, it isn’t enough, but what are you going to do about it? Everyone is trying to be happy, and no one is really trying to piss you off. Everyone is trying but sometimes we don’t know what to do.

Bipolar Thoughts

Concerns about money are both the biggest cause of stress for me, as well as a byproduct of being stressed out.

I have talked before about how I like to spend when I am manic, but I also spend when stress levels are high, even if my mood is normal. When I am stressed out I like to go out to eat or buy a lot of fancy groceries to eat away my stress. I buy a lot of liquor, often expensive Scotches, or craft beer to drink away my stress. I go buy clothes or tools or concert tickets to stop thinking about my stress.