Bipolar Thoughts

Here is a list of top five of ways to beat the summertime blues!

  1. Avoid Swimming, anywhere, beach or pool, family friends or strangers!
  2. Avoid BBQs! Eating too much, drinking too much, avoid it all!
  3. Avoid Bonfires! Staying up late can get you down!
  4. Avoid Dating! (s)he may want to go to any of the things mentioned above! Plus, summertime is the most common time for being manic! So maybe your summer love has some extra juice in there from being up. Avoid the inevitable crash!
  5. Avoid Concerts, Bars, Clubs, Breweries, Live Music, Art, or anything that provides mind altering substances and couples them with ideas that challenge you!

Well obviously, that was a fake list because I hate that shit.