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Because I’m free!

So the last week or so has put me in a bit of a free fall with my mood. I’m hesitant to declare things have made a turn for the worse officially.

But I have had a handful of days over the last few weeks where my anxiety has been very bad. But never back to back days, rarely even an entire day.

I have had a couple of depressed days, deep depressions, difficult to move depressions. But it has been sort of one off days. However, I was deeply depressed Friday, mildly on Saturday, not at all on Sunday or Monday, mildly on Tuesday, deeply Wednesday and today. That grouping worries me more than a little.

Bipolar Thoughts

I have thought of a topic I have never before talked about on this blog!


For most of my life, I have gotten headaches. Generally, they have always been confined to allergy season. As I have gotten older they have gotten more frequent and intense. But to be perfectly honest, they only started to become a real problem for me right around the time I was getting married. Coincidentally, that is the same time that everything started to fall apart in terms of my mental health.

For the record, I don’t think they are related, but interesting still.