Bipolar ThoughtsTherapy

In 1948, Kurt Lewin published a book called Resolving Social Conflicts. And in that book he applies a simple concept from mechanical physics to describe how social equilibrium works. I’m sure you are all familiar with ‘for every force there is an equal and opposite force’. It is Newton’s third law of motion.

Kurt Lewin basically said that this can also be applied to society. That there are driving forces of progress, and those are opposed by restraining forces or obstacles to change. When these things are in balance, then you have equilibrium, or the status quo. And when the driving forces are greater than the resistance, you see change.

He created a system for identifying and quantifying this and he called that Force Field Analysis.

Bipolar ThoughtsSuicide

A lot of people like to mention that suicide is irrational, but I disagree.

I should clarify; I am not saying that it is rational (although I’ll get to that in a bit); I’m saying it doesn’t matter either way.

Is smoking rational? What about eating pizza or drinking pop or shooting heroin? What is really all that rational about a lot of things people do every day. And every one of those things can be rationalized, and often is, by the people who do it. Have you ever successfully gotten a smoker to quit by saying “smoking is irrational”? I doubt it.

Bipolar ThoughtsDepression

I feel like I am getting hollowed out, slowly, by the spoonful.

My chest longs to be filled, and before much more time has passed I will feel the emptiness down to my ankles.

There is a perceivable gap between my organs. My lungs inflate into nothing. My heart pumps blood through a vastness that can be measured in light-years. My belly is low and empty but not wanting.