This morning I found myself staring at my daughter, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, staring at me while I was peeing.

It was incredibly awkward for me but fascinating for her, as her look of surprise and excited “OHHHHHHH!” noise she was making was telling me.

I was just happy she didn’t come in nearer.

We baby proofed the house. We put cabinet locks on all the cabinets but one; she loves to play with pots and pans. We put corner guards on corners, and blankets over the open slate of the fireplace. We watch whatever she does and try to keep her out of harm’s way even though she is dead set on hurting herself.

But I suppose we are still learning to baby proof our lives. Little things like closing the bathroom door all the way so any toddler strolling along can’t push open the door.

I find some of the biggest things are some of the little stuff no one tells you about. How difficult it is to cook dinner, take a shower, shovel the driveway or cut the grass. My daughter is at a stage that requires constant attention. She is walking but not well enough to protect from really hurting herself if she falls. Either my wife or I have to be with her near constantly, watching her alone is a full time job.

I am constantly in wonder of people with three or four kids. Just the logistics of dinner or bedtime makes my stomach churn. I suppose the reality is that you do learn to baby proof your life. I suppose I probably am better at it now then I was a year ago, but it doesn’t feel like it.

People talk about expense of having babies, but to me, it’s time that is the real problem.

Time and having a little human watch you pee in the morning.