Cat’s Cradle

I love Science Fiction, both as a literary and film genre.

I read A Journey to the Center of the Earth as a kid and I was hooked.

Jules Verne, HG Wells, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov are all heroes of mine. I’ve read almost the complete major works of all of these authors and I can tell you my favorites: Childhood’s End, Around the World in 80 Days, Man in the High Castle, The God’s Themselves, Ender’s Game, A Scanner Darkly.

In terms of movies my favorite Sci-fi are the giants: “Alien”, “Star Wars Trilogy”, “Bladerunner”, “Terminator”, “District 9”, and others.

Science fiction always appealed to me because it provided me with a world in which I wanted to live, even if most I listed were dystopian. A world with alien life, super weapons, robots, space, a chance at a greater set of knowledge than humans could’ve achieved on their own; and usually the story of a singular person who defeats the odds because of his intellect, which is the currency of the future.

It also took me places that scared me. The misuse of technology is rampant in the genre, dystopian governments and Big Brother, robots turning against us, manipulation of the masses by the few.

But they always leave you guessing, at least a little bit, about what it means to be a human, how to function in society, and how little thoughts can become big ambitions.

I think that is why they translate so well to film. The ideas are overt and easy to read, the action scenes are plentiful, and they always rely on the hero archetype.

Sometimes I think of my own life as if I’m living out a sci-fi novel. I like to read the cheapo science and engineering journals. I tend to hit up the technology section of the New York Times. And I like to imagine what my life will be like once these burgeoning technologies become ubiquitous, both good and bad.

I wish I was visionary enough to be inspired to make millions off of how these technologies can be made into useful products, but I’m not that bright. I just wait for the story to play out in my own life.

Why jump to the ending, the ride is the best part.