It feels like my daughter cannot wait to talk.

She doesn’t really have any words down. She whispers “hot” if she thinks something might burn her. She says “hi” but has no idea when to use it. She still refers to me as “dadaadadadaadada” and Sam as “mama”, along with her grandmothers, so she has quite landed those words either. Other than that, she says nothing discernible.

But she says a whole lot that is indiscernible.

The whole way to her grandma’s house the other morning she jibber jabbered in the backseat. She talks to her toys all night long. She sings in the shower. She is constantly mumbling something. It is, so far, hilarious. It makes me smile to see her so into playing with her toys or just entertaining herself.

It makes me wonder how far from actually words she really is. I know that kids can master 100 words by the time they reach 18 months. We won’t hit that, we won’t hit 12. But I would be ecstatic with 12 at this point.

Speech is the next big hurdle for her and for us. I take probably too much of an emotional attachment to her development. It pains me that she has been slow with everything besides teeth so far. But it always seems like she is able to do the next thing long before she does it, just judging on how easy it is for her to do once she starts.

She knows words, knows a ton of words. And the last month has been extremely exciting with how much she has progressed mentally. Everyday I am surprised by something she now knows that she seems to have picked up out of the blue.

I think it all boils down to I want to be a good parent. And her hitting her developmental steps on queue is a large piece of what I hold myself up against as to whether I’m achieving or failing. That probably isn’t right to do, and unfair for both myself and her. But I don’t know any different.

So for now I am all aboard the talking express. Here’s hoping she hops aboard soon. I can’t wait for her to talk my ear off.