Crosby, Stills and Nash My Teeth

I have a love hate relationship with my guitar.

I got a cheap electric guitar for Christmas when I was 12 years old. I was instantly in love. Part of the deal was that I took lessons at the same time and I loved those just as much. I played that guitar so much that I bent the neck into unplayable form within a year.

That’s when I took my entire life savings, several years of Christmas and birthday gifts, and a loan from my Dad held against my allowance to buy an Eddie Van Halen Signature Series Peavy guitar. All maple neck and fretboard, alder body painted gold with no pick guard.

It was a thing of beauty and it screamed.

I played that exclusively until junior year of high school when I purchased an Epiphone Les Paul, black with a rosewood fretboard.

In college I bought a reissue of the 1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline, blonde.

And after college I bought a Fender Jazzmaster.

I eventually sold off the Van Halen and the Les Paul and I am currently trying to sell the Telecaster. You simply don’t need as many guitars when you aren’t gigging.

But my prized possession now is my Taylor 410 CE acoustic. It is the greatest guitar I have ever owned. I play it almost exclusively, and I hate that. Most of the music I like is electric and I really only got into acoustic music so I could play around the campfire with my in-laws. Unfortunately, I’m left learning country songs because the real talent that people want to hear play is exclusively a country performer. He deserves the big show, he absolutely does, he might be the second most talented musician I’ve ever jammed with (and no I don’t mean “behind me”). People want to hear him because he is awesome at what he does and the fun he gives off while playing is electric. I hate the music but love to listen to him play it, he is that kind of guy.

It can be fun playing with others but I desperately want to play my own music and have people recognize it or at least enjoy it. It has sapped a lot of my desire out of wanting to play the guitar to the point where I might just quit altogether.

18 years is long enough anyways.


  • After you give up playing guitar why not give up eating pizza or watching baseball or watching movies or anything else you enjoy? I have read all of you posts and they contain nothing but negative thoughts. Filled with stinkin thinkin. You need to start your focus on the positive things your life offers and stop looking at abusing some prescription to provide solace.

  • It’s a good a fair question. I think you fail to realize how therapeutic it has been writing about my bad thoughts and actions. It forces me to reflect on myself and my situation in a way that I never have before. And so far, I have found very good results.

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