Daily Posting

Well, moving to a single essay per posting I think is working rather well! My traffic has increased significantly, and it is nice to keep a steady traffic flow throughout the week.

What I wanted to get away from was a massive amount of people reading one article but not the other one or two I posted that day. I would often have a read count of over 150 for one essay an under 40 for another posted on the same day just minutes apart.

The issue now is that I am not reaching those levels of 150 reads anymore. Maybe I haven’t written an article worth it, I don’t know, but it has not happened since I went to this system. Now, pretty much every essay will reach 60 reads and just kinda die there.

So I guess I have to weigh my pros and cons. The last option is that I go to a single essay per posting system (clearly working) but take my posting schedule back down to three days a week. Maybe then I will have both the amount of content and the correct amount of distance between each posting to make it work.

I will ride out the system I have now for at least another month. We will see where it goes from there. Maybe it is time I produce less content at higher quality. But, at the same time, I like the conversational quality of my writing and I don’t want it to feel too produced.

Who knows?