Eatless Nights

We have had a lot of dinnerless nights since Jocelyn was born.

And even more cereal for dinner nights.

Usually when my wife doesn’t feel like cooking, because she is too tired from raising our daughter, or cleaning our house, or making sure our lives are in order, and doesn’t want to eat take out, so we go dinnerless.

It’s not that I don’t cook. I do, I enjoy it actually. But I’m not great at it. It is a little different in the summer when I am looking for a reason to fire up the grill, but the phenomenon still happens then as well.

Sometimes it is not about cooking at all. It might be that bath night got paired up with bad traffic day and Jocelyn is in a bad mood because she refused her afternoon nap, and she puked in the car on the way home, and wants to go to bed right around 7:30.

7:30pm, the perfect time to quickly decide if dinner is happening or not. We don’t stay up late; generally bed around 10pm so eating much later than 8 can be uncomfortable. And depending on how frustrated you are from everything that happened that day, not eating anything seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Sam will usually not skip altogether. She will eat a bowl of cereal or leftovers. I am much more likely to skip altogether. I generally eat pretty well at lunch, and based on my figure, I can go without a few times without much harm.

It sounds like a perfect storm has to come together to make this happen, but it happens more often than you would think. Obviously we are still in the stages of learning how to be parents, and time management might be the biggest trick of them all.

I’m sure one day we will figure it out, we will have to. One day Jocelyn will be eating what we eat for dinner so it will have to be cooked for her. No choice there.