Detroit Tigers

First post of the year

The first Tigers blog of the pre-season, baseball is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

But the Tigers have me a little nervous.

A quick look at the cons:

Igesias hasn’t played ball in a year.

Cabrera is returning from serious ankle surgery.

V-Mart is returning from serious knee surgery.

JD Martinez, Rajai Davis, Victor all had career years.

Avila had several concussions.

Scherzer is gone.

Porcello, one of their most consistent pitchers last year is gone.

Everyone is a year older.

A quick look at the positives:

Price will be here all year.

Verlander will have a full offseason to train (as if that will matter).

Soria will be in the bullpen al year.

Joba Chamberlain is back (that’s a bad joke).

Better athleticism in the outfield.

That’s about it.

The cons far outweigh the pros in my book. Normally I wouldn’t be worried but with the revamping Chicago did this offseason, and with KC going to the World Series last year, and with Cleveland so close the last two years it is hard to feel good about this team.

Prediction: 84-78, second place.

One comment

  • Second place sounds about right to me. It will be a competitive division. They could end up fourth. We will see.

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