Funny as he Goes

I figured I might as well talk about my favorite comedians.

It start and ends with George Carlin. The man had the balls to say whatever he needed to say without fearing the consequences of his actions. His special at Carnegie Hall is one of my personal favorites. He walks out, while the crowd is still cheering him on, he calms them all down and opens with “You ever notice that the people protesting at abortion clinics are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place”. It killed, and it still kills me just to think he had the balls to open Carnegie Hall in the midst of applause with a joke that harsh and crude and out there.

The man was a wordsmith like no other, like we all know, and he never used any material from his own life in the act. All of it was stuff he observed from his many years in New York and the news. He was one of a kind, and to me, he cannot be beat.

In today’s world I think Louis CK is tops, he is much like Carlin but he pulls heavy from his personal life.

In the past, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor in his late years, Patrice O’Neal, and the great Don RIckles.

I want to bring up Jerry Seinfeld. I love him. If you value a comedian’s contribution to television, then Seinfeld flies right up to close to the top of this list. Seinfeld is my favorite television show by far. Nothing is even a close second. I think it was the funniest show to ever be made and Seinfeld maintained a great standup career before during and after creating the funniest show ever made.

All I’m saying, Seinfeld doesn’t get enough credit, even though Carlin was a god.