Getting Hitched

My sister’s boyfriend and I have a lot of similarities.

We both love music, we both love movies, we both love outdoor cooking, we both love beer, we both love sports, we are both chubby and wear glasses and have beards, and we are almost exactly the same age.

But it is in a lot of ways a bizarr-o relationship.

We don’t like each other’s music. He loves everything classic rock, and I mean pretty much everything, it is amazing how deep into the classic rock catalog he goes, staggering to me at times the amount of knowledge the man has about music, classic rock in particular, and I love pretty much everything but. We do both hate country, so that’s good.

When it comes to movies we are both people who pretty much will watch and enjoy anything. I have become more selective in movies I watch since having a child, but that is a time thing. I wouldn’t say we have different tastes in movies, just that I am more selective and he is more open-minded.

Smoking meat? I’m more of an overall grilling guy whereas he primarily only smokes food. And even when it comes down to smoking he is more of a beef guy while I prefer pig or chicken. Not a huge difference here. I have mentioned before in this space that he really helped me get into smoking and his influence looms large. I’m always picking his brain about it. He is the major reason I got into smoking food and he is the person whom I most enjoy smoking food with. It will become a wonderful summertime pastime for both of us together I am sure.

Beer. Same as movies, I guess. I am more selective, only really drinking porters, stouts, and IPAs. He will enjoy pretty much any beer. I don’t even know what kind is his favorite. He will even partake in cheap beers around a bonfire, whereas I would rather not. Again, he is much more open-minded than I am. We both really enjoy going to a local brewery by our houses and trying out the beers there. Food is good, beer is better.

He loves football, which is a sport I don’t like or follow. I like baseball which is a sport he is getting into but is still kind of a novice at it. I think he enjoys baseball, but is in it more for my sister than anything else if I had to wager a guess at it. I admire how willing he is to learn about it and I enjoy fielding his questions when they come around. I sure hope that he continues to gain interest in the sport and I am there to enjoy it with him.

Reading over what I just wrote, I suppose it isn’t that we are different, so much as he is much more open-minded and has a deeper understanding of all of these things than I do. He is a good man, seems to be good to my sister, and is a lot of fun to be around.


  • Wow! Lots of really nice things said! Maybe you can help me broaden my musical horizons this summer.

  • Just for the love of God do not talk about the eagles! LOL

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