Bipolar Thoughts

Green Giant

I wish I had grown up more like the Jolly Green Giant.

I grew up in a meat and potatoes kind of house. I don’t remember there being many vegetables on my plate that I was forced to choke down. Even with my grandparents. Vegetables just weren’t a side dish very often, certainly not daily, not that I remember.

And it takes a toll in my adult life. I like vegetables a whole lot more now as an adult, it is still difficult for me to get them into my diet on a daily basis.

Happiness is like this as well. Rarely do I go an entire day happy. There are times, like when I’m camping, or Tigers are wining Opening Day or something like that. But I generally find a reason to let sadness, bleakness, seep in.

The problem becomes that those days where I forget to “eat my vegetables” can lead to months without “greens” in general. I have yet to figure out exactly what things will pull me out of a bad mood or a deep depression. I’m still looking, still waiting.

Some suggest it literally has to do with the vegetables I consume, even though most science disproves this. There are still those in my life that believe my weight, my diet, my exercise is all that’s wrong with me.

I wish it was that simple. I’d eat plenty of greens if they would make me feel better. I would eat as healthy as anyone on the planet, except pizza, not touching my pizza. But the reality is that I need to find my own personal vegetables, when to eat them, and how much to make me healthy.

The Jolly Green Giant was always Jolly, maybe he was on to something.