Detroit Tigers

Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Well, the All-Star Game is on Tuesday July 14th. And they yet again allowed voters to vote in the starters, and they yet again will be playing to determine home field advantage in the World Series. For the record, both of those are terrible decisions.

They did, however, dramatically alter the home run derby this year and I am excited that it will be much shorter. I don’t like that they are implementing a clock though. Baseball is a game without a clock. Couldn’t they think of some way to keep a clock out of it? I have a great idea! You get three swings. Each homer you hit gives you an extra swing. Done. Short and sweet. No clocks! But I do like the bracket system over the previous version and I am excited to see it. It is the best all star game skills competition by far.

I did exercise my right to vote, and I voted at a time when 8 of the starting All-Star positions were occupied by Kansas City Royals players. That was a joke. I try to vote honestly, and I am probably too hard on Tigers players as some form of reverse homerism. I did not vote for a single Royals player. Not because I was revolting against the current situation, but because I didn’t think they deserved it.

Here are the starters from each team.


1B: Cabrera                         Voted for him

2B: Altuve                           Voted for Kipnis but I don’t really have a problem here.

SS: Escobar                         Voted for Iglesias, I do have a problem with this one.

3B: Donaldson                   Voted for him

C: Perez                               Voted for Vogt, I do have a problem with this one.

OF: Trout                             Voted for him

OF: Cain                               Voted for Reddick, I have a problem mainly because they voted in two CF.

OF: Gordon                        Voted for Cespedes, I don’t really have a problem with this.

DH: Cruz                               Voted for him



1B: Goldschmidt               Voted for him

2B: Gordon                         Voted for him

SS: Peralta                           Voted for Tulowitzki

3B: Frazier                           Voted for him

C: Posey                               Voted for him

OF: Harper                          Voted for him

OF: Stanton                        Voted for McCutchen

OF: Holliday                        Voted for him

Looks like National League voters are a little smarter than their AL brethren, haha.

In terms of starting pitchers, who aren’t voted in for some reason that makes no sense, here is what we have.








Keuchel, Sale or Gray could all start this game. I kind of expect it to be Sale, who is coming into the game the hottest.







Shelby Miller

I would expect Cole starts this game, as he is the clear favorite for the Cy Young at this point.

I’m not going to go over the rest of the team as they are still in flux and there is still a final vote for an additional player, and every pitcher pitching on the Sunday before the game is not available and will be replaced, and a few players will be placed on the DL and need to be replaced, etc.

But I will say that I think the teams look pretty nice. Usually I have a few beefs but not really this year.

On the AL team I would rather have Cespedes than Adam Jones, or even Brett Gardner. I would rather not have 3 catchers on the team. Russell Martin is fine, but I would rather have Cespedes. I would also rather not have Brock Holt on the team, who is having a good year, but he isn’t even a starter on a bad Red Sox team. Seems odd. I would also have had more starting pitchers and less relief pitchers on the team.

Scott Kazmir is probably the biggest pitching snub.

Brian Dozier and Alex Rodriguez are the biggest position players snubs.

On the NL team I would have taken Panik or Wong over LeMahieu. I also would’ve taken Neil Walker or Howie Kendrick over LeMahieu. I have no idea why he is on this team.

Kershaw is the biggest snub for pitchers.

Votto is the biggest snub for position players.

I am excited to see what pans out and I hope the American League dominates in this game. Enjoy!