I Miss You

Some days at work I really miss my daughter.

It actually makes it hard to concentrate. I look at her pictures on my phone and count-down the clock until I get to see her.

Those are the days that the daily tasks of having a child don’t seem so bad. You want me to get on all fours and chase you for an hour? Awesome! You want me to build towers with your blocks so you can smash them dozens of times? Absolutely! You want me to cut up all of your food into little pieces and make sure it is warm enough but not too hot and clean up your face, and the ground, and your high-chair once you are done eating? Sure thing. You want me to listen to you bang around the pots and pans while I do dishes? You want me to change your diaper? You want me to read the same book to you ten times? Will do.

You want me to have to lay you down in your crib after you fall asleep? I guess so.

You want me to watch while you play with mommy instead? If you’re sure that’s what you want.

You want me to stand by while mommy breastfeeds you to sleep and I only get to kiss your head goodnight? I guess daddy can do that for you too.

You never know what you are going to get with a child. Some nights she is mommy’s girl, other nights she will let me make her laugh, some nights she is all mine.

I always hope that the days I’m especially missing her, she is at the babysitter especially missing me.

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  • During her visits to Grama’s we like to go to the family pictures and pick out Daddy and Mommy… It always brings a smile to our beautiful Jocelyn’s face!

    She likes her time with Grama but will always misses Mommy & Daddy, they will always be first in line!!!

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