Detroit Tigers

Last Place

Well, the Tigers are in last place. We haven’t seen that this late in a season since, I dunno when, like, 2004? It is a sad stretch drive for the Tigers. The air is out of the sails and no one is really paying attention anymore.

Here is the worst part, two of the guys they got back in trades that they hoped would be integral to the rotation next year are either injured or getting lit up consistently.

Here is the best part, Verlander is once again dominant in a way we have not seen in at least three years.

In the offseason the Tigers absolutely have to address the rotation and the bullpen. As of time of writing this (Friday night before the start of the game) they have a run differential of -91, despite the fact that their offense is top third in the league. They cannot pitch. It is mostly bullpen, or at least has been mostly bullpen for the season. The rotation has fallen down recently.

I read yesterday that the Tigers under Avila are planning to create a beefed up analytics division and have already made a major hire. This is something the Tigers have been extremely slow in adopting, much like defensive shifting and utilizing bullpen arms in high leverage situations. They have proven to still build winners without being up to date, but they have had to outspend nearly everyone to do it, and let’s not forget they have failed to win it all.

The Tigers are very much a ‘traditional’ team. And I have always hated that. Why would you purposely choose to ignore a vast amount of information that could help you win? It never made sense to me.

Hopefully this new department will be able to guide the front office through the offseason where they need to acquire a lot of talent and they probably do not have a ton of money to spend.

Here is the short list: 3-4 starting pitchers, only 1 needs to be expensive

Some of you might ask why, they have Verlander and Sanchez and Norris. Yes, but Norris is not for certain, Boyd probably will make some starts but it is doubtful he will make more than, say, 15. So they need a 3, they need a back end guy, and they need at least one guy in the minors they can bring up.

Left fielder

It is looking evident that they will probably keep Tyler Collins out there for next year. So, it is what it is, maybe this is a non-factor.


Entirely new bullpen. This team could easily use 9 bullpen arms.

Bench, I assume Avila and Davis will be back but you have to sign them. You do have Romine. So you need an infielder and another guy.

Gee that’s all.

Literally more than 15 transactions to make. This is going to be a tough winter, and probably another 3rd place or lower next season.