Let’s Try It

I am starting a new series of essays on this blog. I’m going to be posting them on Saturday mornings, as this one was, hoping to inject some good vibes into your weekends. However, I might move them into my normal weekly slots. Stay tuned.

But here is the plan: I’m going to write one piece a week about things I am thankful for, or at least things that keep me positive. I don’t plan on doing the big obvious things, though. Anyone who knows me or has read enough of this blog understands that I am a lucky person, born into a situation that most people envy, and given enough talent and ability for it to be a real shame if I don’t do something with my life.

So you won’t find any essays about my family or wife, at least not generically about them being supportive or loving or whatever. I’m going to try to focus on small or obscure things that really require me to think and focus on some of the things that maybe I don’t realize are helping to push me forward or keep me going.

So what is the first thing, you might be wondering?

My daughter’s face when she sings, especially in the car.

She loves to sing, especially Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, oh and I can’t forget the Frozen and Lion King soundtracks. She is also a ham, she loves to perform and be the center of attention. But, her performance face is not what is the focus of this essay.

No, the face that makes me wild is when she doesn’t know she is being watched. Typically this happens in the backseat of my car. I’ll turn on “Wrecking Ball” and lower the mirror and her little face will be staring out the window and she will be singing or sometimes just mouthing the words. Her face is indescribable, but I will try. She scrunches up her face and gets hyper-focused. It’s obvious that she has learned what people look like when they sing, from music videos, or watching me possibly.

But it is also obvious that she hasn’t watched herself make these faces. She doesn’t know that she isn’t making the appropriate face. And because of that, you can see that it is just pure. Her face is describing how she feels while singing that song.

The absolute best is when she is being cranky. She will pretend to sleep. Every time I look back at her she will close her eyes hard. She won’t give me an inch when I try to make her smile. That’s when I will turn on one of her classics and tilt down the mirror, and try to hide my smile as I watch her mouth the words, sometimes even with a quivering lip. By the first chorus she has forgotten that she was upset, but still stares out of the window. And that’s when the face starts to take over.

She seems so passionate, so into the moment. She loves the music loud and it is obvious when she feels it deep within her.

That face just shows everything you need to know. It never fails to bring massive joy to me. I could watch her sing for days.