Bipolar Thoughts


One of the chores of daily life with Bipolar Disorder is that your therapist and doctors want you to track your mood and sleep to see what kinds of patterns emerge. Thankfully a lot of tools are out there now that make it different from my mood journal when I was a kid.

Today there is, which is the best, but not the easiest to use. It compares your sleep and mood and agitation patterns, as well as giving you space to journal and mark days as big occasions. It is very comprehensive and the best. However, there is no mobile app, so it is not convenient (you can explore the website on your phone but the experience is just that, a real website on a mobile phone). Another tracker that is very in depth is put out by the DBSA called the Wellness Tracker. This is a mobile app and it sucks. It takes five years to enter your mood.

Personally I like iMoodJournal for iPhone. It is a simple 1-10 scale system for mood, three entries a day and it graphs out your mood since you started, the last week, and your average day.

From this I have found that I always have a major catastrophic dip after I reach an average mood above 6. The drop from 6 to 2 takes less than two days while me being at a 6 is generally short lived, around 4 days. I’ve also found that Thursday and Monday are my worst days. And that the worst time of day is 3pm.

I have been riding a gradual upswing for over a month now, maybe partially to do with this blog, and I am up above an average of 6 and heading towards 7. I am expecting a crash any day but I am not worried about it right now. Before this blog I was up and down and up and down in very short intervals for a couple of months, so something happened to smooth me out and lift me up. It might be the spring time, who knows. I’m just happy it is here.