Detroit Tigers

Opening Day

It is time for another Tiger’s blog. I’m going to try to post one of these blogs every Saturday throughout the season and since there was some big news yesterday about the Tigers, I figured why not now?

Ausmus announced yesterday that David Price will start for Opening Day, ending Verlander’s streak at 7 consecutive.

Price is clearly the better pitcher at this point in their careers so it makes sense. Although, Max Scherzer didn’t start Opening Day last year and all he did was win the Cy Young the year before. So we have seen Ausmus not make sense. In fact, I felt that Ausmus made a lot of decisions last year based on how Leyland would have handled it and I thought that was a mistake. So maybe this is a good departure.

Opening Day starter isn’t really that big of a deal anyway, in terms of things that matter during the season, match-ups, wins and losses, stuff like that. It is more of a ceremonial thing. And I think that ceremonially this is still Verlander’s pitching staff. He is your highest paid guy, he has been the face of the franchise for years and years, he is the leader. So it is a little strange not to give it to him, especially when you make media comments like you expect him to be “lightyears” better than last year and things like that.

But Price is the better pitcher, deserves it based on merit in that regard, and they are probably leveraging him a little bit to stay in Detroit come next fall. Showing him that they would allow him to be the ace of the staff, something that I’m sure is important to him. I don’t doubt this decision came from way up the chain. Whatever the reason, Price should be viewed as the ace of this staff and aces start Opening Days.

On to other things: I will be attending Opening Day with my father for the 16th consecutive year. This is something my Dad makes sure I have the opportunity to do every year and for that I am extremely grateful. We always have a great time ushering in Spring and a new season together. It is something I look forward to for months every year.

I am hoping to put together a write-up of who I think they Tigers should bring north once camp breaks and what my final roster, rotation, and lineup would look like for Opening Day within the next two weeks.