Pilot Episode

Ever notice on TV most everyone is successful, but no one works that much.

There aren’t too many episodes where the lead character has to work late to get the big project done. Or a side character is explained away by having to work the afternoon shift for a few months.

I understand that the reason is that the story isn’t about them working but about them playing. We watch to distract us from our own work. So if they do show their work it is usually something exciting or dangerous or difficult to get into.

But you would think that since work creates such real family tension, in fact, the most family tension, that they could build that into more TV shows as a realistic plot device.

There also aren’t many shows where the lead characters aren’t doing so well (at least not for long), which could lead to similar plot points of stress and strain caused by money and debt.

There are plenty of movies about it. In fact, it seems the most common movie theme is Midwestern America with a family barely pulling it together. So it seems the audience is there.

Is TV just proving the point that having money, and not working for it, is more fun? Allows you to do more fun things with your friends and leads to more interesting lives? Surely writers are more in tune than this.

Why is practically no one talking about TV creating unrealistic expectations of life? And not even the obvious ones where the bad guy gets away with it or the lack of consequences for actions. But just the minutia of material telling us that in life you will be successful in practically any field, have great friends that always hang out, look great always, and never work late a day in your life.