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One of the things I have been trying to do over the last several months is gather together my best essays and put them together in a book.

I have done a good amount of research about self-publishing, and I think I have a good amount of that figured out. I have also started compiling these near 400 essays into themes that might form sections or chapters, I guess.

A strong impetus for this project is that no one seems to read my older essays. As a reader of this site you know that this isn’t set up like a lot of blogs, as a sort of diary. I mostly write about topics that, while often related to my current life, really are about larger topics than that. So my older essays are still relevant to be read. These things usually don’t time out. So while this blog format is useful in many ways, I think it also might be limiting my work.

Part of that issue is how blogs are navigated. As a reader you have to do some digging to find old work. I try to remedy this by tagging related work to each post and having the most popular essays always accessible through a quick link menu, but dozens of good essays are just difficult to find.

Books are a much better medium for rereading. Table of Contents and Indexes make things easy to find and just the psychology of how we relate to books, as a more permanent and reusable resource, lends itself as a way to fix this problem.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this here is because I would like some feedback. I don’t get an awful lot of feedback here, and I would appreciate more. And before I sink cash into this project, I would like to have your thoughts on the idea.

If you want to say whether or not I should publish a book, that’s fine, and if you have experience doing that, any advice would be appreciated.

But that is not what I am looking for, necessarily.

What I want to know is what essays particularly struck you. Or what subject matter of essays would you find interesting or helpful in a book. What type of thing, besides maybe knowing me, would pique your interest in a book of this nature?

My thoughts of organization would be a handful of themes, say five. And then just put in a handful of essays into each theme. I wouldn’t try to create a larger narrative. It would be kind of like a poetry book in that way, but probably even less strongly thematic.

But it wouldn’t have a plot, it wouldn’t be a reference book either.

My vision would be somewhere between artistic and academic. It is a book, similar to how I view this blog, where you can go to learn, go to be entertained, go to commiserate. I view the audience as people living with bipolar or a loved one with it, or people interested in what life is like with bipolar. With the goal of gaining understanding of both the disease itself, and how it can color a perception.

Please let me know your thoughts. I cannot wait to hear some feedback!

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