Rain Man

I love the rain. It is my favorite kind of weather.

I remember when I was young I always wanted to live in Seattle and the one thing I constantly heard was that it rained a lot and how terrible that would be. I never thought much of it. Someone probably should’ve tried to convince me that living thousands of miles from home and family and friends and everything I love in my life would be hard, not the rain.

Over Memorial Day weekend, when I was camping, we got rained on our last night there and I took that time to just go lay in my tent and read and listen to the rain for hours. Eventually my daughter fell asleep and my wife cuddled with me and we just enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the tent.

We have gotten a lot of rain lately and we expect to be rainy all week, which is a little later than normal, but almost exactly in line with our summer weather last year. I have been loving it. Sleeping with the window open, sitting on the porch with my guitar, anything just to be out in it as much as possible.

I’m not sure what it is about it that I love so much. I really enjoy the cool breeze and complete lack of humidity while it rains. I love the sound. It just feels comforting. Maybe it is the feeling that the pressures of doing things are melting away. No one plans on getting anything done on a rainy day, right? It is like a free pass to be lazy and watch movies all day.

My daughter loves the rain too. She has been out in it a couple of times and it doesn’t scare her or anything. She thinks it is funny when the drops hit her on the head. Last week we were out for a walk and got caught in the rain and she insisted on keeping the canopy off her stroller, I think she liked the sensation of being rained on.

I especially love the rain when I am feeling depressed. Somehow it feels better, like the outside world is matching your mood. Maybe it is just because it makes you feel so good to lie in your bed and cuddle under the covers. Not to mention the fact that sometimes the rain helps to lift away my dark thoughts, like I can concentrate on something pleasant for a few minutes.

I enjoy rain storms too, but I much prefer a long, steady, all-day rain. If it is the kind where you can walk out in the rain and not feel miserable, that is the best.