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Red Soxian

Dombrowski wasn’t unemployed very long, was he?

Within two weeks of being fired the Red Sox hired him to be the President of Baseball Operations. He held that position with the Tigers, and well as President of Business, CEO, and GM.

Ben Cherrington, the current GM of the Red Sox will not be returning next year, even though Dombrowski reportedly offered him the position. They just won the World Series in 2013. They just signed a ton of huge money free agent contracts. They are having a terrible season.

I cannot decide which is the bigger knee jerk reaction?

Firing Dombrowski after an extremely long tenure of relevant baseball but he never won a title and now is team is slightly underperforming? Or changing upper-management with a team that was massively over-hauled in the offseason and even though they won it all two years ago, are in last place right now?

At least with the Tigers you could say, “it was time for a change”. But nothing about how it went down seems like that was the reason. Illitch firing him on the phone instead of face to face like he deserved. Firing him mid-week with only a couple months left in the season. Firing him at all? If they wanted to make a move, fine, don’t extend his contract. If you wanted to have Avila into the role before the season’s end then make Dombrowski aware of that and let him ride out his contract, while fielding offers, in peace. They still had to pay him either way.

Well, here is what we know about the Boston Red Sox. They spend even more money than the Tigers. They have a better farm system than the Tigers. They have a more recent and impressive track record. They are better positioned to win in the near future.

Dombrowski has a better chance at winning there over the next few years, than here. But I sure hope he doesn’t.

He won’t be GM anymore, unless he gives himself that job like he did with the Tigers after he fired Randy Smith. But I can bet we will see his finger prints on a lot of future moves. Big contracts, scrub players, big arms, and big time trades.